This is my portfolio

I work with companies and individuals around the world, designing solutions to create meaningful stories and great experiences for their audience.

From UX, UI, illustrations to visual scribing, I spend time with you to understand your project's story and audience to achieve your goals.




When traveling and observing fuel my creativity. Have a glimpse around the world through various countries' architecture.

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When your long-distance friends keep asking you which
other friend you're talking about, this is what comes to life.

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A collection of logotypes for various businesses,
from homemade popsicles to parks and spas.

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Moon is an app to share happiness. Its sensitive design is based
upon auditory and visual emotions. 

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My favorite drinks' list keeps growing as I get to taste
new flavorful specialties. Have a sip!

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A Facebook plug-in to see / analyse / understand
your digital behaviour over time.

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i am a digital designer and visual artist

Born in France, I lived in various countries and love feeling at home wherever I go. 

I live for three main things:
- Crafting beautiful products, from illustrated cards of doors I photographed around the world, to cross-platform websites' structure and interface.
- Make and share memories with people, meet individuals from everywhere, with various lifestyles and opinions.
- Learn by doing and exploring, wether it's about traveling physically or questioning an unfamiliar concept.

Feel free to get in touch with me - people call me friendly ;)