What is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation – or visual scribing – is used to display ideas and discussions in a summarized
and catchy way. By using visuals, we are speaking to the most elementary part of the brain that has been used to make sense of the world from visuals since prehistorical ages. The outcome is friendly and easy-to-share medium, that facilitates understanding and memorization of the main concepts it presents.

What is it for?

It is used to summarize and share ideas, usually during meetings
and design thinking workshops as well as conferences.


How is it done?

  1. PAPER
    It can be done live on large posters, becoming a source of attraction and collaboration. You can keep the poster when it’s done and I will also make a digital version.

    By connecting my tablet to a screen, the drawings are transcribed directly through the screen while I make them live. This allows for editing as opposed to the paper format.

Live performance during design thinking sessions in Montreal’s “salon de la transformation”.

Graphic facilitation done during a design conference about “drawing and storytelling”. – Paris


Animation done for onepoint to explain what we are about. The video was shown to a group of students visiting the building.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain recently became quite popular with the raise of bitcoin.
Lots of people are wondering what it is and how it works, and if you're like me it's quite easy to get lost into the technical aspects and details.
In the end, I find analogies and visuals very helpful to grasp a rather complex idea. So, here's a broad explanation of how blockchain works: